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49ers 2010 Training Camp: Welcoming back the NFL

First off, I wanted to make sure and provide a public thank you to Ninjames for taking care of the site during my recent absence. I think it shows how far the site has come that I could step away for an extended period and the site wouldn't come to a complete stand-still. Instead, as I look through the posts from the past couple weeks, we had as much if not more conversation than previous offseasons. Ninjames and smileyman put together some solid work in keeping things running.

However, I'm just as excited to be back and able to write all about the 49ers. It's going to take a couple days to fully get back into the swing of things, but we're on our way. And the timing couldn't be better with training camp kicking off today.

And that leads me to this post. Monday I'll be going into training camp battles to watch as that is the first day of practice. In the meantime, rookies reported yesterday and veterans will be checking in today. It's been an incredibly long offseason, but with rookies and veterans reporting, football is pretty much back.

It did get me thinking though. Since the draft, we've had an assortment of minicamps and OTAs. Now that training camp is getting under way, is there a different feeling yet? I'd like to make one comparison, in what will be my last reference to the bar exam until results come out in November. Since wrapping up the exam on Thursday, I've been enjoying myself, and yet there are certain aspects of it that haven't quite sunk in yet.

Similarly with training camp, even though that means things are ready to go, it's still a tough call. For some of us, rookies and veterans reporting is the key date. For others it's that first practice. For others it's the start of preseason games. And the final group just wants the regular season to get going.

So where do you stand? Is there a certain level of anxiousness for real football to start, or does the start of training camp practices get you going? Me personally, I think it's that week leading up to the first game August 15 against the Colts. For the next week practices will still feel a bit like OTAs or minicamps. However, when we get into the following week leading up to the first game, there's just something different about it. We can start looking a bit more at injury reports, and figuring out what we'll need to focus on during the game. With practice, we get beat writer reports and not much else. However, with games, we can observe things with our own eyes.

However you stand on this issue, football's back!