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What's Your Confidence Level For Joe Staley?

We've covered Mike Iupati, Anthony Davis and Chilo Rachal. How about we take a look at arguably the most important offensive line position - left tackle. Joe Staley missed time last season with a leg injury, but when he did play, it was pretty good football. It's clear, up until now, that he's not one of the league's premier left tackles, but he definitely has the potential.

When Anthony Davis was drafted, I recall hearing a lot of buzz from fans about him being the left tackle of the future, and this made me scratch my head a little bit. Surely Davis has that potential, but is there some lack of faith in Joe Staley that I wasn't aware of? Is he considered a solid starter by the majority of the fanbase, or do folks think he's suited for right tackle?

I don't have much for you in the way of stats and outlining what Joe Staley has done - we all know. He's played well enough to be the starter, and should continue to do so, but maybe with an all-around improved offensive line, he doesn't look as good, maybe his flaws show a bit more? Jump for criteria.

Very High: I think we're safe in saying that Staley has the tools for a pro bowl, so that's what a very high ranking will entail. He will have one of his best years, and be the best player on the line, or at least top two. Allows few sacks and all-around is a dependable left tackle that we can always count on.

High: Staley comes back from his injury with a mean streak. All is well when he's joking in the locker room, but he shows us that he is the left tackle on this team, and any thoughts concerning Davis over there are done away with. Not necessarily a pro bowl year, but he plays well and up to par. Doesn't allow very many sacks, obviously.

Medium: Staley has an average year. You can debate whether or no you want him to be the starter afterward, but the year isn't completely lost for him. As I said, it will be up and down. At least half of the year will be good and the other half will be bad - you know how it is. Perhaps the offensive line play around him brings out some flaws that he always had? Iupati, Heitmann, Rachal and Davis play well and Staley plays normally - but looks bad in comparison? Who knows..

Low: Unquestionably, this is a down year. It still does not mean that he shouldn't be the starter for sure, but if Anthony Davis plays well people consider swapping the two players. Just a bad year overall, either he has lingering injuries or has some mental errors, who knows, just not a very good year out of the left tackle.

Very Low: Kwame Harris