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49ers NT Aubrayo Franklin absent the first day of camp

Matt Maiocco has tweeted that there is no sign of Aubrayo Franklin at this point in training camp. However, he thinks there is no reason for concern at this point.

There is a sentiment that players need only two exhibition games to prepare for the regular season. Franklin probably does not need a full training camp to be ready for the Sept. 12 opener against the Seattle Seahawks.

"He knows the scheme. He has the technique. The only thing he has to get down is the physical aspect of the game," said Ricky Jean Francois, who will get a lot of practice time as long as Franklin is not around. "I really think he won't even struggle with that."

Maiocco retweeted a comment in which someone suggested he wouldn't show up until after the Nutcracker drills. Whatever the case, the consensus seems to be that he'll be there eventually:

With the amount of hitting and contact drills that coach Mike Singletary employed in training camp last season, Franklin and those who advise him might think it's wise to avoid the risk.

Hopefully Franklin is in camp soon, but it will be interesting to see how or even if Ricky Jean-Francois takes advantage of the big increase in practice time he'll receive.