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Golden Nuggets: Whoops, I'm late.

Morning everyone. Ninjames here and all that stuff. The last couple of days have sucked as far as 49ers news goes. It's hard to even think of something to talk about in the intro to the Nuggets. Still, today we'll have a full day of posting for you, and I am definitely going to have an At Least We're Told since a couple people have been asking for one. The last couple days I dropped the ball on getting a post up, apologies for that! If you follow me on Twitter my current woe is issues with my phone, which in turn leads to issues with many writing relating things, I will not explain because it goes into a lot of detail, but long story short you can see my current phone herehere and here. Gruesome stuff, right? Such is the life of a poor, poor blogger! I'll stop boring you with this talk now and get to your links.. or link. Enjoy.

Barrows has a bit about an ex-49ers tight end dating Jessica Simpson. What a poor guy, seriously. I wouldn't wish that on anybody. Also, I laugh rather heartily every time I even think about this story. (

Scot McCloughan has found some new perspective with the Seattle Seahawks. An interesting article that sheds just a little bit (microscopic even) of light on what was going on with him when he left the 49ers. (

Rival Blog Buzz Nothing new at Field Gulls. Turf Show Time had their Random Ramsdom. Revenge Of The Birds posed their question of the day.

Yesterday On Niners Nation We had the Nuggets, Fooch had a post about Independence Day and then I asked what your confidence in Vernon Davis is for the 2010 season.

Today On Niners Nation(All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Fooch will have something related to the 49ers and the pro bowl, in light of the MLB All-Star game.

11:00 AM - Either a confidence post from me, or something from smileyman here

2:00 PM - The ever-elusive "At Least We're Not" will be here if I'm able to, if not it will be a player profile.