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49ers by the Numbers: 9 through 11

Some more familial relationships in this batch of 49ers. Kicker Matt Bahr has a younger brother who was also an NFL kicker. Jeff Brohm's younger brother is Brian Brohm, whom many of you may recall from his days at Hawaii. Jeff Kemp had a fairly successful career in the pros though he bounced from team to team.. He backed up Joe Montana in 1986 and threw 11 TDs for the 49ers. He's the son of Jack Kemp (former politician and NFL QB)

Player's Name Position College Spot Drafted Years Played Jersey Number
Shane Andrus Kicker Murray State Undrafted 2009-- 9
Jim Asmus Punter Hawaii Undrafted 1957 9
Barry Helton Punter Colorado 102nd 1988-1990 9
Jeff Kemp QB Dartmouth Undrafted 1986 9
Cade McNown QB UCLA 12th 2002 9
Matt Bahr Kicker Penn State 165th 1981 10
Ed Blount QB Washington State Undrafted 1987 10
Mike Connel Punter Cincinatti 260th 1978 10
PJ Fleck WR Northern Illinois Undrafted 2004-2005 10
Jamie Martin QB Weber State Undrafted 2008 10
Mike McCoy QB Utah Undrafted 1997 10
Steve Mike-Mayer KR Maryland 72nd 1975-1976 10
George Mira QB Miami (Fla.) 15th 1964-1968 10
Dennis Morrison QB Kansas State 357th 1974 10
Klaus Wilmsmeyer Punter Louisville 311th 1992-1994 10
Jeff Brohm QB Louisville Undrafted 1996-1997 11
Brandon Doman QB BYU 163rd 2002, 2004 11
Bob Gagliano QB Utah State 319th 1988-1987 11
Dan Melvile Punter California Undrafted 1979 11
Earl Morral QB Michigan State 2nd 1956 11
Alex Smith QB Utah 1st 2005-- 11
Steve Spurrier QB Florida 3rd 1967-1975 11
Bob Waters QB Presbyterian 83rd 1960-1964 11


Representing the number 9: Jeff Kemp. Journeyman QB who's made a long career of coaching.

Representign the number 10: George Mira. Even though he wasn't all that great a back-up QB (his best season he had a completion ratio of 51%) he had a longish career.

Representing the number 11: Alex Smith, starting QB of the 49ers. Earl Morrall had a successful NFL career after the 49ers (especially with the Colts), but he only spent one season with the Niners.