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Golden Nuggets: Ninjames doesn't know how to use a clock.

Heeeey guuuuuyyyys. I don't know what that was about, but yeah. Got your Nuggets for you and all that good stuff. If something big doesn't happen in the next couple days I'm going to explode. No really, I'll go live on Ustream and just explode. I'm kind of upset that these Ustream things never work out. The first one I promised to have a live Your Momma So Fat competition with the entire city of Santa Clara if the if Measure J didn't pass, and beyond that I don't remember what the other one was, but yes. If something big doesn't happen I will be live on cam exploding into piles of pink Ninjames goo. Be there. Beyond that, I think I have a couple 49ers links for you. More than previous days, but nothing groundbreaking. Enjoy the linkage I've got, folks.

The 49ers have revealed their training camp dates, including the first open-to-public date. (

It's a complicated time in the NFL for contract extensions. As usual I don't have any time to read this, but I sure hope this (if that's what this is about) doesn't directly result in the 49ers losing some good players. (

Joe Montana is moving back to San Francisco and I guess this is big news. (

Rival Blog Buzz Field Gulls continued looking at Max Unger, with a post looking at his goals, and then had a season retrospective on Sean Locklear. Revenge Of The Birds had a post about some position battles for the Cardinals training camp. Turf Show Times had a bit on that Dave Razzano fellow, and then a bit about first round signings. We need some of those.

Yesterday On Niners Nation Started with the Nuggets as always, Fooch continues roster projections with the post on outside linebackers, I had a post about the confidence level 49ers fans have in Josh Morgan and Fooch had a post about the 49ers training camp

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Andrew Davidson (perhaps the most underrated poster on the front page) will have a post about the CFL on the NFL Network

11:00 AM - Smileyman will take a look at a new stat over at Pro Football Focus: elusiveness. I bet they'll use Madden ratings.

2:00 PM - Smileyman will have a post on the top five tight ends, as per NFL Network.

4:30 PM - Probably another post on confidence level.

Yesterday's Best Comment "Because Ninjames has a hangover!" from Widowwolf. Hey bro, I got some dirt on my shoulder... could you brush it off for me?