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Golden Nuggets: Where Ninjames Talks Too Much

Good morning everyone, how was LeBron James Day for all of you? Mine went swell, until I realized I don't care about LeBron James Day and that I'm a Warriors fan. Cue a few hours of gentle sobbing and careful reassurance that everything would be OK once the team was bought, I got back to work on designing a t-shirt that says "Warriors Rule!" because, as a great man once put it, if someone goes through the trouble of printing something on a t-shirt, then it is almost definitely not a hundred percent untrue, which is to say that it is more than likely fairly definitely not altogether false. I'll work on the 49ers Super Bowl 2010 shirts next. But uhm.. oh yeah! We have some links and stuff, imagine that. I forget when the last time I had links was, but hey - let's just shutup and read 'em. Heey ohhh!

The 49ers aren't likely to select anyone in the supplemental draft. I do like the nose tackle mentioned though. At this point I have some amount of faith in Jean-Francois, and I'm not sure why. Still, this defensive line isn't big enough for two hyphenated names. (

Our defense was good last year - damn good, but the team didn't react very well to speed. No, I'm not talking about amphetamines, I'm talking about how fast a player runs. Our defense, outside of our linebackers, is on the slower side. Taylor Mays upgrades that a fair bit and will be a solid contributor when he's out there, but our corners are still slow and our two starting safeties aren't winning any footraces. (

How about a breakdown of the Atlanta Falcons from Sam Lam? The 49ers better put a severe beating on them this season after what happened last year. I'm talking pride-obliterating [site decorum]-slap of astronomic proportions. I mean like a cataclysmic orgy of aggression all unleashed at once. Yeah. (

There's plenty of practice time for the third inside linebacker. Takeo Spikes, the starter next to Patrick Willis, has a lot of time off in practice. I like that, I think it's good for him and it gives the new guy (Navorro Bowman) room to grow. I think Spikes has at least a year left, and I'd let him start for one more after that if he wants to keep playing. All I know is we need to get him to the playoffs. Like now. (

Barrows notes that the easiest way onto the roster for some of these projected backups is via special teams. In his piece he states that at least one player there is very obviously gone. I'm going to say it's Cody Wallace. After him, Wilhelm and after him, Wragge. Cody Wallace couldn't block a phone call let alone a defensive lineman. Wilhelm is a patch-up job who is made irrelevant by Bowman (unless of course, Bowman doesn't show the progress we would like) and I hate Wragge's face. Shutup. (

Coach Rathman: Coaching Toughness. I didn't read this yet, but I'd bet it's a good read considering the sheer awesomeness that drips from Rathman's every pore. It's actually kind of gross, he gets it all over the place and.. ya know? (

49er U, player development week, etc. Couldn't read this as I have about two minutes to post the Nuggets. (

Just because you may have missed it during yesterday's LeBron-a-Thon, Maiocco had a look at the upcoming training camp battles. I really wonder why he didn't visit the fullback position. I think it will be one of the more interesting looks, to be honest with you. (

Rival Blog Buzz Revenge of the Birds had a bit about a signing of a seventh round pick and not much else. Nothing of substance over at Field Gulls. Turf Show Times had some Random Ramsdom, they had a post about the Rams and the supplemental draft and a post about Vegas not liking the Rams. I think they're not the only ones.

Yesterday On Niners Nation Kicked off with the Golden Nuggets, Fooch had a post about Brett Fa-- LeBron James and the franchise tag, we had a Know Thy Enemy post on the Atlanta Falcons and then a fanshot Fooch posted.

Today On Niners Nation(All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Fooch has a post about the 49ers biggest weakness.

11:00 AM - I've got this time slot. For what? I'm not entirely sure.

2:00 PM - Hey check it out, I've got this one too. Mystery post!

4:00 PM - Smileyman will have something on NFL Network's Top 5 Running Backs.

Yesterday's Best Comment "I bought a pack of football cards yesterday and I opened it to find a frank Gore card! It was like finding the golden ticket" from dalien82. Yeah? Golden ticket? Well now you just won yesterday's best comment. How's THAT for a golden ticket my friend?!