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Golden Nuggets: World loves the 49ers?

Gooood morning everyone. So, today I've decided that I will finally give you guys an At Least We're Not. In fact, I'm going to pack two-four of them in the next week or two, because once the regular season hits, we'll have plenty of news, and those were created, of course, to pass the time during the offseason. "But Ninjames.. What about your witty, awesome humor?" you may be asking - do not fret. You may have heard some time ago about a Niners Nation podcast, well now that we have - shocker - actual things to discuss, I'm going to be firing off an email to smileyman and telling him "LET'S DO THIS" just like that. In fact, I won't even mention the podcast, and if he doesn't know what I'm talking about, that means he doesn't read my Nuggets, which means I'm totally sad. Anyway, links and what not. Enjoy.

Aubrayo Franklin's absence from the first day of camp shouldn't be a cause for concern. I'm certainly not concerned. I'd just like to think that everyone buys into the Singletaryisms and gets their butts into camp. (

A good bit on Ricky Jean-Francois. I really hope he can be something in this league. (

The world does indeed love the 49ers now. Or at least, in the sense that the Niners are projected to win the NFC West for the first time in.. well, awhile. (

Frank Gore says he should have checked his guest list. You think? I'm of the opinion that this is a lot of something about nothing, but a player of his stature needs to never be in that position. (

What would happen if you combined the 49ers and the Raiders defense? Another less-than-serious article from me. I think it's Super Bowl worthy. (SB Nation Bay Area)

Maiocco has his final question of five for training camp. (

The 49ers bring a lot of optimism with them to training camp - and they should! Why wouldn't you be optimistic right now? Things are looking good. (

Lynch of the Chronicle takes a brief look at the running back position. (

The 49ers family reunites at training camp - I love that 'family' mentality, I think it works well in the sport, and with our guys in particular. (

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