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Day one of training camp and the influence of Mike Singletary

The 49ers first official practice is not until tomorrow morning. The rookies and veterans checked in this weekend, and from poking around, it sounds like the team was conducting a variety of team building activities. However, there have been meetings going on as well. In fact, based on some tweets, the players were in meetings until 10pm.

While I was checking out my TweetDeck I came across a particularly interesting tweet from Takeo Spikes:

Just left our meeting w/Coach Sing & we really could play a game tomorrow if we had to... #inspiration about 10 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

I certainly would have enjoyed being a fly on the wall for that meeting. It's safe to say as much as things might change, certain things remain the same. Even as the team is on the rise in the eyes of many, Coach Singletary seems to be able to push the proper buttons to get this team going.

There is no question Coach Singletary is a confident man, as could be seen in his speech at the State of the Franchise address earlier this week. My question is if that confidence will be the difference maker this season, or if talent alone will be enough? It's an ongoing discussion with Mike Singletary for a variety of reasons. He has a history as a motivational speak and he's become quite well known for some of his fiery oratory skills.

The team right now has a good deal of talent on it. There are certainly question marks in various areas, but I remain curious how much can be overcome by a team that is wildly inspired? And is this something that people are factoring in when considering what level this team could reach in 2010?