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What's Your Confidence Level For Manny Lawson?

I'd wager that this one is going to be pretty even between a negative and a positive vote. I posted one of these for Parys Haralson, the starter on the other side of Lawson, and the votes were split 44% for medium and 43% for high. I actually figured that post would have more for 'high', but then again I guess Haralson, as I noted, is one of the 49ers most forgotten starters.

Manny Lawson however, is one of the most scrutinzed players on the 49ers defense. Some of you think he's good, some of you think he's very good, and some of you think he's... just not special. Other like him, but want some more Ahmad Brooks in their daily diet. Well, I can't say where I actually stand on that.

What I do know is that Lawson led the team in sacks and also had some funky Florida Danny stats in regards to quarterback hits and stopping receivers from getting positive gain. He is said to be more athletically in shape than he has ever been, and that's always been one of his strong points. He's also pretty good in coverage, as well. At any rate, make the jump and I'll define your criteria.

Very High: It's hard to quantify what a very high season for Lawson should be. What is his ceiling? Let's go right for the gusto and put very high as a pro bowl-esque season. He doesn't necessarily make it, but he's considered. 10+ sacks.

High: A good season, playing time is unceremoniously taken back from Ahmad Brooks as Lawson plays well. He's a good pass rusher, good against the pass, and he probably earns himself a nice contract with the team. A very solid starter.

Medium: Still a good starter, but Ahmad Brooks takes more and more time, and Lawson's future with the team is in doubt, not necessarily because he plays bad, but because he didn't play well enough to stop the up-and-coming Brooks.

Low: He doesn't play well. He's largely ineffective as a pass-rusher and loses more and more time to Ahmad Brooks. Simple as that. Probably not going to be back.

Very Low: Somebody really, really bad.