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Golden Nuggets: NFL.. Madden.. Football Is Great!

To start, just wanted to say that for all of you that wanted to play in a Niners Nation Madden tournament or franchise, I'll have a fanpost up for signups and all of that later on today. I will be handling the Xbox 360 version - if you want to host a PS3 version, come to the post later for more info. (Note: First thing that happened to me after kicking off? When I stopped the opposing team, my first ever punt return was muffed and resulted in a turnover. Ouch) Beyond that, we've got some non-video game Niner news going on and it's not good. Not good because of yet another injury. I don't like this at all, until now it was all players who we wouldn't miss too much of a beat by losing them but.. now we lost our best offensive lineman for the first few weeks and I'm a little worried. I don't think the season is in jeopardy but I'm not feeling good at this point.  Alex Smith needs a line to succeed. Anyway.. just some thoughts, here's your links and all of that good stuff.

Kentwan Balmer was absent from the 49ers afternoon practice. I wonder what was going on, maybe it's already been stated but I've yet to read far into it. I personally didn't think he'd be much coming out of college and I still echo those sentiments. (

Rookie offensive linemen Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati were named starters yesterday. I'm not surprised in the least bit. (

The team cut ties with returner LeRoy Vann. It was a nice thought, to think he could come in and be fantastic, but he just wasn't working out at this level. Glad I didn't jump on the Vann-wagon as I'm prone to do, considering I'd be crushed right now if I hap. (

Center Eric Heitmann is out 6-8 weeks with a leg fracture. That really hurts us, he's the team's best lineman and well... it just is a blow. (

More speculation on Kentwan Balmer and what's going on with him - personally, I don't think he has any right to be upset with reps. (

NaVorro Bowman is becoming an important focus for the team. I honestly think Bowman will go down as one of the team's better picks of the last few years, I think he'll be great once Spikes retires/leaves the team. (

Maiocco has his morning notes from practice, and his afternoon notes are right here as well. (

Barber clarifies some thoughts on Jason Hill. I'm a big fan of Jason, I really am, but he needs to be more consistent in camp. (

Jerry Rice made it to Canton - now is it time for Eddie D.? I really think he deserves it. (

Kevin Jurovich, the wide receiver the Niners recently signed, was a big fan of the team growing up. That's pretty cool, shame he really doesn't have a shot to make the roster. (

Coach Mike Singletary believes in second chances, which is always something I've liked about him. (

Singletary ended the morning practice early yesterday, it just wasn't going well at all. Players were falling at every turn. Dropping like flies. (

The 49ers offensive line is starting to look youthful. That's all well and nice, they're young - let's just hope they can play, yeah? (

Hey look at that, the 49ers appear to be favored against the Colts. The article makes a good point about the Niners being younger and playing with more urgency. (

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Yesterday's Best Comment, Rival Blog Buzz and Beat Writer Roundup will all be a normal part of the Nuggets again starting tomorrow. Also coming: revamping the gameday Nuggets and more. It's my claim to fame - may as well continue making them better and better.