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San Francisco 49ers @ Indianapolis Colts: NFL Network to air the game LIVE on Sunday

I'm not sure how many people were aware of this, but I figured I'd post it for those that do not know. NFL Network will be airing the 49ers-Colts matchup this Sunday LIVE at 10am eastern pacific, 1pm pacific eastern. Double-check your local listings, but when I checked at, and again on the tv at my brother's place here in Las Vegas, it was listed on the tv schedule.

The game will also be re-aired on NFL Network at 10am eastern the next day, Monday morning. So, if you don't have a DVR/TiVo and won't be around to catch the game on Sunday, you can catch it Monday morning. Enjoy.

Fooch's Update: For those in the local market without NFL Network, it will be on CW 44/Cable 12.