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Golden Nuggets: Need... Football... Now!

Mornin' folks. Despite all of the injuries and discontent (I'm looking at you, Kentwan), we're close and closer to some actual, factual NFL football. We have some games tomorrow, but our 49ers don't play until Sunday. I actually have to watch football tomorrow, though - as I've got to get a recap for the Raiders game finished for SB Nation Bay Area; gross, right? Nah, I've softened my stance on them since writing for there and I imagine I'll get more and more to the middle ground. As far as the Niners go, I've got plenty of links for you from training camp and things like that. The team continues to get banged up and it's easy to start feeling bad about the season, but I'm not going to. We'll do just fine - so long as Crabtree isn't hurt too bad. But anyway, I'll get to the links ya'll want. Enjoy.

Crabtree went up for a spectacular catch and came down hard on his back, injuring his neck. Thankfully, it shouldn't be serious. (

The team waived linebacker Scott McKillop and risk losing him in the coming hours if he doesn't clear the waiver wire. The move was necessary for the team to be able to add him to injured reserve so he doesn't count towards the 80-man roster limit that is presently in place. (

Kentwan Balmer's absence is no longer excused, and Singletary (among others) isn't pleased. (

Here are Maiocco's notes from the morning of practice from yesterday, and also his notes on the afternoon. (

Barber has his notes from the morning as well. (

Is Tony Wragge a viable option at center? I honestly don't think so, but then again, I haven't really seen him at center. I envision many problems in the preseason. (

Preseason prep is beginning in camp. (

Kentwan Balmer aims to return to the 49ers. I sure hope so - if the guy is going to be anything in this league, he needs to show it this year. (

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1:00 p.m. Not sure what will be going on after the morning post.

Quick Update: So folks, I presently have a fanpost going on about a Madden tourney here at Niners Nation, so be sure to check that out. Beyond that, Fooch's appearance on Stampede Blue's radio has inspired me (actually he emailed me about it as well) to get back on the Niners Nation podcast and crank out the first edition in a week. Perhaps a post-game edition on Monday morning? We'll see, going to email Smileyman about it now. Also, I expect every single one of you here on Sunday for the game thread. That is, in all respects, an order.