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49ers Training Camp: Roster exemptions, injuries, waiver wire... and Tweets!

Well, as I type this, the morning practice is in full swing. DL Kentwan Balmer has been placed on the left squad list, which means the team has been granted a roster exemption due to him missing practice. The team doesn't have to pay him presently, and can carry 81 players. A workout with defensive end Will Tukuafu has been canceled, however. Perhaps it means that the Balmer nonsense is close to and end - then again perhaps now.

The team is still waiting as to whether or not Scott McKillop will clear waivers. They'd like him to make it through so they can sign him and put him on IR, I'm assuming he's fitting their future plans as a core special teamer for a good, long time.

With Ahmad Brooks out indefinitely and Parys Haralson out today from general soreness, LB Diyral Briggs has been stepping it up. Singletary had a few compliments for him and the beat writers are tweeting some nice things, which is good to hear. The 49ers like to collect linebackers, and with McKillop getting hurt as well as some other circumstances, I think that pretty much guarantees Briggs a roster spot, which is good stuff in my mind.

Crabtree sat out today with a neck injury and is listed as day-to-day. He hurt himself going for a big catch yesterday, coming down hard on his back and claiming soreness in his neck. Fellow receiver Jason Hill is taking it easy today as well. In his absence, Dominique Zeigler has stepped up. Make the jump for some patented Zeigler gushing.

Well, I just got a tweet saying that Hill is practicing today after all, perhaps he read these couple of tweets and got a bit nervous for his chances at a roster spot:

In my mind, Dominique Zeigler has clearly been among 49ers top 4 WRs in training camp. - Matt Maiocco


Zeigler had his daily highlight, going low to get Nate Davis' throw in 7 on 7. - Phil Barber

Now, I know, I know - Ninjames loves Zeigler.. sittin' in a tree and all of that, but it is significant. If there was a year for Zeigler to make the roster on day one, this seems to be it, no? As I type this, Zeigler snares another catch in the endzone.

Bad news for the Brit Miller bandwagon though, it seems he's been injured on the same play as noted above. He went down with an ankle injury apparently, but is now up and walking about gingerly. Probably will not practice later on. Not liking that, I've likened to Miller more and more of late.

Notable Tweets (My commentary in italics after the fact)

Barber: Coolest play in short ydg: Carr faked handoff on 4th-1, uncorked deep strike to Hill over Shawntae

Maiocco: "Good job, Diyral." Briggs has to love those words from Singletary.

Barrows: Raye furious at Carr for goal-line INT by Taylor Mays. It's not a pass, it's a run, he screams... (Good for Mays... as long as it isn't Alex Smith throwing the picks, then I'm OK with it)

Maiocco: Rookie LB Keaton Kristick got better of Frank Gore in blitz pickup. Next play, a determined Gore absolutely destroyed Kristick. (As Tre9er noted on Twitter - would have loved to see it.)

Barrows: Vernon Davis vs. Bruce Davis in pass-blocking drill. Davis won that one. (Excuse me for not being shocked here, folks.)

Barrows: LaBoy is doing cardio work, an indication he could be close to returning. He's not likely to play in Indianapolis. (I want to see what this guy can do, finally.)

I'll be updating this with more tweets throughout the morning sessions if anything else comes up, and another post later, I imagine.