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49ers Training Camp: Am I allowed to have a post about Dominique Zeigler?

Just sayin'. I don't want to come off as a fanboy (I totally am) but Zeigler legitimately is the "haps" today. Zeigler had a field day with other receivers being out or taking it easy. Michael Crabtree and Brandon Jones were out, and Jason Hill mixed his way into the lineup eventually, but it was all Zeigler, all day. Maiocco noted (here), as well as Barrows (here), just how good of a day Ziggy had.

Been saying for awhile now how much he can bring to this group of wide receivers. Given Alex Smith's tendency to throw over the head of a receiver, a player with the leaping ability of Dominique Zeigler can be very valuable. I will say that he's never looked as good as he is now, though. He made several leaping catches and put up a couple of touchdowns in one of his best practice performances yet.

With Crabtree, Ginn and Morgan as locks and Kyle Williams as a potential slot option and special teams returner, it's clear to see that Zeigler, Brandon Jones and Jason Hill are competing for a roster spot. One has to think Jones doesn't have much of a shot at this point as he's injured - yet again.

Jump for less Zeigler, more other stuff that I don't care about because it's not Zeigler.

The trip for defensive end Will Tukuafu is on again. The 49ers have arranged flight plans and the word is that he's expected to sign and play on Sunday against the Colts instead of Balmer. As noted earlier, Balmer no longer counts towards the 49ers 53-man roster. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out, all I know is - it's making me dislike Balmer a whole lot. Be it actual personal issues or the original thoughts of being upset about a lack of a chance or what have you, seems like he's handling this all wrong. If it's the latter, I like him even less.

Maiocco said that the team is considering all of its options, which, as a couple of you fine blogslaves pointed out - it could mean something along the lines of a trade. The team would like to make cutting Balmer as a last resort. I'd imagine the best-case scenario for them is still keeping him and seeing what he can do this preseason.

Beyond that - what does everyone think about Nate Clements playing some more nickel? In practice they've started lining him up there in passing situations with Tarell Brown kicking outside. I actually like the move a lot, I just hope Nate is still in position to defend the screen pass, because that's an area that destroyed us consistently last year after Clements was hurt.

So there's your friendly afternoon camp update from your local neighborhood Spiderman. Or something like that.