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49ers Training Camp: Keeping up with the Tweets; open thread

Afternoon practice has just started, and Michael Crabtree is sitting out again. Personally, I want Crabtree sit out for awhile, at least a week. I don't want any chance of that neck getting worse. Some veterans that are out are Willis, Spikes, LaBoy, Sims, Lewis, Jones and Justin Smith. Brit Miller is present, not sure if he's practicing.

I did this awhile back and it seemed to go over well - I'll be updating this post with tweets from training camp, maybe with my own thoughts thrown in. Their twitters are here: BarberMaiocco, and Barrows.


Tweets (My commentary in italics and parenthesis where applicable.)

Barber: Brit Miller has his helmet. Not sure if he's practicing. (Good sign here. Miller is going to make this roster.)

Maiocco: Just thinking as I watch 49ers work on special teams. Michael Robinson has gotten next to zero) reps behind Gore, Coffee and Dixon. (Makes sense - I don't see him carrying the ball much this year if he makes the roster. Special teams ace, backup fullback and occasionally catching the ball out of the backfield. Hopefully no more Taser.)

Barber: Now a kickoff hits Balogun; like a shooting gallery here (Heads up, guys.)

Maiocco: Brit Miller is not practicing, but should be back on field soon to resume quest for roster spot.

Barrows: Jason Hill practicing through his hammy strain. He needs to ... (You've got him on the ropes, Ziggy!)

Barrows: JJ Finley comes up limping after running a pass patern. (Not gonna make it anyway. /heartless statement)

Maiocco: On 49ers practice field, "My Girl." They're rockin' MoTown in Santa Clara. (Clearly the most important news yet. )

Barrows: Another David Baas special -- shotgun snap looks like an infield pop up. (Sucks because Baas is without-a-doubt a better blocker than Wragge, but it seems like he has a lot of troubles with the shotgun snap. No more spread for us?)

Maiocco: 49ers OL Joe Staley and Mike Iupati just worked a very smooth switch on a defensive line stunt. 

Barrows: Michael Robinson getting some goal-line offense carries. (Anyone else reminded of that game? You know which one. )