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Kentwan Balmer is pretty much done as a 49er

Maiocco's sources have some information for us. There's not a whole lot of new information as to what's going on. Balmer presently does not count towards the 49ers 80-man roster, and Will Tukuafu is on his way. The team announced signing him, and there's a pretty good highlight video of the guy here. Now how was he an undrafted player and Kentwan Balmer went in the first round?

I just don't see it. I never saw it in Balmer. Either way, his time seems to be up. First he was placed on the "left squad" and now, the 49ers are looking to recoup funds from the first round selection, as per Matt Maiocco:

The 49ers will seek to recoup at least $960,000 from absent defensive lineman Kentwan Balmer, a first-round draft choice in 2008, a league source told Comcast SportsNet on Thursday.

As Maiocco notes, he was paid $1.6MM in bonuses when the team drafted and signed him two years ago. As I understand it, Balmer is in clear violation of his contract and should be expected to give back some of the money. As to whether or not the $960,000 is an extrapolated figure and exactly what they'll get is beyond me. Still, one has to wonder just exactly where this is coming from. I would have liked for Balmer to succeed and do some good - prove himself as a first round draft pick, but it was never there.