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Caption This!

Last week's Caption This! was comedy gold, but I have to admit that I feel a little guilty about it because Jimmy Raye is such an easy ta-

Nope. Couldn't get through that sentence. I don't feel bad about making fun of Jimmy Raye. In fact, I think that making fun of easy targets is fun. And even better than that: easy. Which kind of led me to this week's picture. Is there an easier target right now than Kentwan Balmer*?

Balmer certainly isn't making himself any friends lately. He's not making friends with Singletary. He's not making friends with Manusky. He's not making friends with his teammates. And he's never made friends with the fans. He's been unaccountable. He's been mired in controversy. He's never once been effective on the field.

So while, yes, the picture itself is a little plain, I thought the best thing we could do in today's Caption This! is to make lots and lots of fun of him.

Feel free to go straight to the comments. Or, if you want, you can read past the jump where I wanted to commend a few of last week's best captions.

To see the picture and check out all of the captions, go here. Here are a few of my favorites:

"I knew I shouldn't have worn this hat. Everyone keeps making fun of me." - Brett the 49er

This was probably the most underrated caption that came out of last week. One: It makes fun of Raye's hat. Two: It describes the entire thread - we are making fun of Jimmy Raye because of his hat. It works on two levels!

"Yes, my underwear also has a 49er logo." - Blank x2

No commentary necessary: Just look at those logos.

If only Jimmy Raye is as creative with playcalling as he is dressing himself. - Andrew Davidson

Yes, the wardrobe is one of the easiest targets of this photo. But that's exactly what makes it so funny.

Somebody stole my Jell-O Pudding Pops and I am PISSED OFF! - David Fucillo (Fooch)

No, I am not just sucking up to Fooch right now. Definitely not. Hi Fooch!

*Yes, there is always J. T. O'Sullivan.