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Golden Nuggets: Ziggy!

Mornin' everyone. Ninjames here with your Nuggets and all of that stuff. We had some good practice yesterday. Or at least, I was pretty stoked with it. Mostly because my boy Dominique Zeigler had a good day. Yes, you'll hear from me about this over and over and over (and over) again. It will continue, because I think he's going to make the roster and yesterday was actual factual news regarding the team. He had a legitimately awesome day. Other than that, we've got more on the Kentwan Balmer saga, which actually angers me at every turn. I don't know what the guy's problem is, but if he's not on board than he's not on board. Wash our hands of this silliness, I say. Either way, I'll just get to your links and all of that noise. Enjoy, folks.

Here's a general report from Barrows. Love the quote from Zeigler. (

The 49ers are looking to recoup part of Kentwan Balmer's signing bonus. Good riddance. (

Barrows has his article about Zeigler. Good stuff. Glad to see he's showing his stuff. (

The team signed defensive tackle Will Tukuafu to a two-year contract. He'll replace Balmer, and he'll probably be better, too. (

Taylor Mays says he should be the best. I'll take top three. (

Here is Maiocco's article about Zeigler - just because I can. You all must read it, as ordered by... well, me. Fooch is in Vegas, to there. (

Maiocco's notes from the morning are right here, while his notes from the afternoon are here. (

Love the attitude of Justin Smith. Part of me wants him to drunkenly yell and rant about how he's going to get four hundred sacks this season, but that's probably just me. (

Singletary spins the hits - and also notes from the afternoon of practice. (

Here's some team reports on the NFC West. (

Check out Shawntae Spencer's latest camp diary. Good read. (

Singletary's camp is losing its punch - which is a good thing, people need to recover. Like now. (

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3:30 p.m. Onward from here I'm sure we'll have some more tomorrow.