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RB Glen Coffee announces retirement at age 23

Like the title says, 49ers RB Glen Coffee announced his retirement earlier today. He informed head coach Mike Singletary of his decision earlier this morning. Since the news broke, we now know literally nothing else about the situation. We have a lot of speculation, ranging from Rathman making Coffee feel really bad and Coffee wanting to join the ministry.

All that's clear to me right now is that we needed a new thread. It appears that Michael Robinson will be the "official" primary backup to Frank Gore, with Anthony Dixon in third. Mike Singletary said that Dixon has a long way to go before he's an NFL-quality running back. Some will take that to mean his pass-blocking isn't up to par, which is certainly possible, but I'd also argue that he's changed his running style radically enough to the point where he can't be trusted running as a backup just yet.

Michael Robinson is the farthest thing possible from a "sexy" choice at the running back position. When 49ers fans think of Robinson, they think of that game against Arizona in which he was in for the short yardage when the game was on the line. No, he doesn't play like a top running back but I can say that is not a direct indication of what we can get from him.

Still - there are better options there, and perhaps Dixon could be that option. Half of the beat writers seem to be saying M-Rob is the backup while others, namely Phil Barber, are saying that Dixon steps into that role. We'll have to see what's going on, I'll update this as more information comes along: if it ever does. After the jump, some quotes.

Per Ian Rapoport:

Having covered 49ers RB Glen Coffee for 3 years, not surprised he retired. He has a higher call. Wouldn't shock me if he headed to ministry    

Per Barber:

RT @ChrisWesseling: Is Robinson at No. 2 or Dixon? >> Sing: "To me, I think right now Dixon just steps into that spot. "    

Per Barber:

RT @rockatalic: @Skinny_Post HAVE to bring in vet RB a la Foster now, right? At least for camp? >> Sing said Baalke would "look around"    

Maiocco had a post with some reactions from Mike Singletary right here.

Singletary: Well, yes. That doesn't matter. Right now, all the answers. Did it surprise me? Yes. Did I think he was having a good camp? Yes. He's a guy, that's what you want. He's an incredible young man. But he has made that decision, and that's his decision.

Barrows says that Robinson, for now, is the number two running back:

Robinson will immediately step in as the No. 2 running back, but the 49ers are hoping that sixth-round pick Anthony Dixon improves to the point where he can take that role. Dixon played in a more wide-open offense in college, and he's slowly picking up the nuances of the NFL game, especially pass protection. "He's a ways away," Singletary said. "He's got a lot of work to do."

Whatever the case, I think we have just enough time to sign an undrafted rookie in time to score multiple touchdowns in the preseason and make everybody's roster projection before being cut and going on injured reserve with another team. Let's call him "TBA" for now.


Credit to Tre9er for being an obsessive jerk and posting a fanshot before me. What a jerk. Love ya, Tre.