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Golden Nuggets: OK, Niners, enough news for now. We're good!

Good morning, Niners Nation. Holy crap we had ourselves a day yesterday, didn't we? And tomorrow we've got a game! We lost another player, but not to injuries, we put a guy on injured reserve and just.. man, it was pretty rough going for awhile. Nothing that went down was debilitating for the franchise as a whole, but you never like to see things of that nature go down. We want stability, continuity and... another word that sounds good directly following those two. Mostly I think Mike Singletary needs to stop making players cry. I honestly think that every one of these guys goes home crying. Just driving home, weeping openly. Not telling their significant others what exactly what went down that day but she'll always know that something bad happened. I wonder if Singletary hits any of them? Vernon Davis having to calmly explain to his girl that he "fell down some stairs" is not something he should ever have to go through. Am I still off on this tangent? See I thought I might be so I stopped myself and now... well there I go again. I do that sometimes. I think I'm going crazy. Um, here's some links.

At just 23-years old, HB Glen Coffee called it quits and retired yesterday. I'm not entirely sure why, and I don't think anybody it. I was a Coffee supporter, and I can still say that because I think he could have been a good running back in this league. Guess it doesn't matter at this point. (

There is a slight sliver of hope that Coffee could return - but would the 49ers want him back? At this point, I don't think I could. If he came back, I believe I would cut him if I were in charge. It would take a lot of convincing and probably sandwiches for a year if I were to let him back. (

Anthony Dixon and Michael Robinson are now the primary backups. I do feel alright with them, but I wouldn't be too upset with a trade, so long as the price is right. (

Say what - there was practice yesterday? I don't believe you. You're lying. Maiocco made this post up out of boredom. I can almost 100% guarantee that. Note that here, "almost" means 15%. Here's his notes on the morning practice. (

Sando has some thoughts on the whole Glen Coffee/49ers running back situation as well. (

Coach Singletary views Coffee and Balmer differently. I should hope so. Balmer seems like he's being a baby. Admittedly, I'm jumping to conclusions. (

Taylor Mays ended up talking to Pete Carroll. I'm pretty disappointed the conversation didn't include the lines "so far up your..." and "until you can't bleed anymore" and also "while you watch and cry in the corner". Oh well. (

Barber has some notes about stuff that wasn't Coffee or Balmer as well. Something called "practice" and "game preparation". Odd. (

The 49ers superb sack stats were a team effort. Well.. duh. Man I love Justin Smith. (

In this article about Balmer, a note is made near the end from La Confora claiming that Aubrayo Franklin could sign his tender soon. Good news for once?! (

Ted Ginn Jr. is seeking rebirth with the 49ers. I don't think it will happen, I'm very skeptical at the very least, but I really, truly hope he succeeds. (

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And just because I didn't really mention him at all and I need to every day now... Dominique Zeigler rules. I actually called my girflriend "Ziggy" in bed once. She was not happy with me.