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Golden Nuggets: Oh My God It's Gameday

Good morning folks, I had some internet troubles and am starting this article late - so naturally, I imagine it will be late. So apologies for that. We had some light shed on us (probably from Jesus, admittedly) on the whole Glen Coffee retiring situation. I'll post that interview at the top of the links and.. oh.. I do believe that it's gameday, folks! Heck yes! Expect an initial thread from Fooch, new threads provided by myself, and Andrew Davidson will be getting your recap. Also, be sure to check out my preview (and recap) at SBN Bay Area. Beyond that - I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I fully expect each and every one of you to be here today. If the game isn't on in your area, I can't say anything about that but we can't control everything posted in the comments of the gamethread, so be on and be talking. If I don't have to make at least one gamethread (500+ comments) I'm going to destroy all of you. One by one. You will suffer the wrath of the impenetrable quickening. Anyway, enjoy.

Glen Coffee lost his passion for football while still in college. He seems like a mature guy and I respect his decision. I am still bothered by the whole situation, but it will be alright. I hope he does well in whatever he wants in life. (

The preview I wrote for SBN Bay Area is right here. I took a look at the things we'll need answered and things of that nature. (SB Nation Bay Area)

What matters in today's game against the Colts, just a couple looks at things to look out for. (

There were no prior hints to Coffee's retirement - it just happened. (

Sam Lam takes a quick look at the battles being showcased today. (

Alex Smith has camp arm - but that's the good ol', normal camp arm that doesn't come from an injury. Yay. (

Here are the points of the game from the official website - I missed these. (

An influx of previews... feels so nice! Here's one from the Chronicle. (

Ted Ginn Jr. hears the criticism... I wonder if he's heard mine? Either way, I hope he proves all of us criticizers wrong. (

Here's the game center for the game from the NFL. (

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We may have something early, but the game is on at 10 AM Pacific time, so we'll see what happens. Be here.

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