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San Francisco 49ers @ Indianapolis Colts Second Half Gamethread

49ers_logo_medium @ Th_colts_icon_medium

Don't score runs, score points. Like field goals, touchdowns, extra points, safeties and the like. Do that stuff. I mean, if you can hit some home runs while you're at it, fine - that's cool, at least one Bay Area team will be doing it. Ohhhhhh!... I just made myself sad. /Giants fan.

Also, stop them from scoring points. Also runs, I guess.

Anyway. Alex Smith struggles, but I'm OK with it. Anthony Dixon is making me forget about that running back who retired a couple days or like three weeks ago, I dunno. Rick Tea or something. Anthony Davis looks alright in run blocking, looks like a rookie in pass protection. Iupati actually ripped out the still-beating hard of unnamed second stringer #2. Jason Hill dropped a pass. Andrus can kick the ball. Kyle Williams is sex. Diyral Briggs is a perennial lock to make the roster.

David Carr is really happy for Kory Sheets, and he's gonna let him finish, but he wants us all to know that he had the shortest bandwagon of all time. OF ALL TIME!