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Golden Nuggets: Pretty Good!

That was a pretty good game, wasn't it? Say what you want about the first team offense, I'm content to focus on the defense for now and continue to see what the offense can bring. Alex Smith always has been and probably always will be pretty bad in the preseason. Even then he didn't play that badly - he just had some misfortune go his way and things like that. Anthony Dixon was great, which is something I kind of expected, but I didn't know he'd be that good that fast. Really is great stuff, that. Anyway, it's 11 p.m. and the last time I slept was Saturday morning so I'm going to get through these as quickly as possible because I'm kind of passing out at my laptop. So if there's any errors, seriously apologize but I am borderline psychoactive right now.

Anthony Dixon sure did make a statement - he's given me a lot of hope for the backup running back position. (

Here's my recap on the game. Shameless plugs never hurt anyone. (SB Nation Bay Area)

The 49ers offense did look a bit rusty, despite the big win. (

Maiocco details the second string offense and the second string defense. (

He also takes a look at the second half offense and the second half defense. (

If Dixon did anything, he put the pressure on Michael Robinson and likely supplanted him as the backup. (

We've got injuries to WR Kyle Williams and CB Will James - that's not good. Not good at all. (

Kentwan Balmer is officially on the trading block. That would make me so mad if we only got a sixth round pick for this former first rounder. Ugh. (

Balmer's five day letter expires on Monday. (

Making a case for Alex Smith doing better than he initially looked yesterday. (

Stay classy, Darnell Dockett. (

There's still plenty of questions for the 49ers that need to be answered. (

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