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New 49ers RB Brian Westbrook meets the press

Thanks to Ninjames for getting the post up about the Brian Westbrook signing. I'm certainly hoping we'll still see plenty of Anthony Dixon along the way, but this would definitely be a season long signing as opposed to a camp body to save some wear and tear on the other 49ers. It remains to be seen what Westbrook has left, but this could make for a very intriguing signing. The 49ers released some info on the signing and Frank Gore and Brian Westbrook have combined for more yards since 2005 than any other team's running back tandem.

Westbrook is scheduled to meet the media at 5pm. It appears as though I've been able to embed the video for the press conference after the jump. If you don't see it after the jump, here's the link.

Also, the contract is reportedly worth $1.25M and could go up to $2.5M with incentives. Not a bad deal.