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Golden Nuggets: A lot of news out of 49erland

Good morning everyone! We had an eventful day in 49erland yesterday, no? Happy to announce that I won "Where In The World Is Kentwan Balmer?" He's in Seattle, and I couldn't be happier. We also signed a running back, you may have heard of him. Beyond a very active Niners Nation yesterday, it was a mostly happy active - which is just what I like. Getting more and more comments is the greatest. We'll have plenty for you today as well, so stick around and give me the views and comments I oh so desire. Now be right back while I go look at myself in the mirror for six hours. Contrary to popular belief, I don't lose sleep because I'm writing tirelessly for all of you, I'm just thinking of more ways to be awesome. It's just something I do. Anyway, full array of links today so I'll get to those. Enjoy, folks.

DL Kentwan Balmer was traded to the Seattle Seahawks for a sixth round pick. Good for him, I guess. He'll go to a team where he can play, but not because he's particularly good - Seattle just has no depth on the line at all. Kentwan not being able to push Isaac Sopoaga for playing time is a pretty damning thing though, no? Then again, perhaps Seattle is short on returners? He does, after all, have more returns  (

The team signed veteran free agent running back Brian Westbrook for a two-year deal. I really like this signing. I haven't fooled myself into thinking this will suddenly change our offense radically, but he's a playmaker, even at his age. (

Singletary talked a bit about the injuries going on yesterday, so here's a bit on that. Glad to see Kyle Williams shouldn't be out for too long. Sucks about William James, though. (SB Nation Bay Area)

Westbrook knows his place on the roster, which is good to see. No offense or disrespect, but Frank Gore is "the guy," while Westbrook is "the other guy." He's - get this - a Coffee refill. (

Being that, it's his job to complement Frank Gore. He's there as a backup, and he's there to add another element to the offense when they're both on the field. Maybe take one or two of Gore's carries a game. (

Even with that, here's a quick look at how Westbrook changes the 49ers. (

I took a look at the top five Bay Area performances this past week in the NFL. So yes, there's a couple Raiders here on this list. Deal with it! (SB Nation Bay Area)

I am so happy that Westbrook chose the 49ers. Not only do I like what he brings to the team, but I also like that the 49ers are considered a contender, a team to turn to when you want to win. He probably could have received more money from the Rams or the Redskins, but he chose instead to play for the Niners, at a pretty good price. Yay us. (

Kentwan Balmer bought his way out of San Francisco. I'm OK with this, personally. He gave up a portion of his signing bonus for the 49ers to trade him, and Seattle takes on the other 800k of his signing bonus. I LOVE the math fail in the comments. Don't correct someone when you're wrong, kiddies! (

Some more thoughts on what signing Brian Westbrook means. (

Kawakami has been putting out some good articles lately, but I really dislike how cynical he is sometimes. I really don't think the 49ers training camp is that more intense than any other camp, and the injuries don't really relate to those things that are considered "excessive." Still, he has some notes about questions the 49ers have - what's been answered and what hasn't. (

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49ers Tweet Of The Day "Proud to be a San Francisco 49er!!!!!" from @20westbrook .. If you don't know who that is... well, I feel bad for you, son.

Yesterday's best comment will resume tomorrow, perhaps with some stats as to who has won what. Also will possibly go through and add some for the days this didn't show up in the Nuggets. Maybe. It depends on whether or not I can fix the results against Tre9er or not.