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49ers Training Camp: Oh yea, the team still practices

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Given all the excitement of the last few days, it would have been easy to forget that the team has things like practice during the week, and we're still involved in training camp. Who woulda thunk it?

The 49ers continue to look to get healthy from a rash of injuries. Prior to this week they had some pretty bad injuries, but at this point, the injuries from this past week don't seem to rough. Vernon Davis continues to sit out, and it wouldn't surprise me to see him sit out this Sunday night against the Vikings. Brandon Jones and Brandon Long are also dealing with some bumps and bruises.

The worst of the new crop in terms of a combination of length of time and the player impacted would have to be punt returner and wide receiver Kyle Williams. Williams appears to have turf toe, which is always a tough injury. And, while he didn't blow things up this past Sunday, he showed enough to get folks excited about his possible contributions as a punt returner.

Some folks outside the Bay Area have said this hurts his chances of making the roster. While it certainly doesn't help his chances, would the 49ers be willing to write him off just because of the injury, just like that? I'm hoping the team will have him healthy at least in time for the preseason finale versus San Diego on September 2. If he can get healthy by then he could get one more chance to show his stuff.

However, if Williams misses the rest of the postseason preseason, what do people see happening to him? Does the team roll the dice based on one preseason game, or do they hope they can get him on the practice squad? Or does it depend on how the other punt return options, which are dwindling, do in the next couple games?

Head Coach Mike Singletary
Pre-Practice - August 17, 2010
San Francisco 49ers

On WR Kyle Williams and his punt return ability:

"I certainly like what I saw, but I just think its one of those things where we just have to continue to evaluate his health and the toe and everything else. We'll just take our time and see what's there. We have some other guys that I would like to see. (WR Dominique) Zeigler has done it before, obviously (WR) Ted Ginn, I'm not sure how much more I want to see of him, but we'll just see. There are a couple of guys that I think have done it and may get a shot between now and the end of training camp."

On whether WR Ted Ginn Jr. is slotted as a receiver, punt returner or kickoff returner:

"That's something. The ideal thing is to use Ted Ginn more in kickoff rather than the punt, but we'll let it work itself out." 

On RB Brian Westbrook's ability to add to the offense:

"Every little bit can add to our offense, but I think we have guys on our offense that can certainly do some things. You think about (WR Michael) Crabtree, you think about (TE) Vernon (Davis). I think you bring a guy like Westbrook in, I'm sure (Offensive Coordinator) Jimmy Raye will sit down and figure out some things that he would like to see in Westbrook, in terms of how he can help us."

On K Joe Nedney and whether he is injured:

"I think Joe is fine. I think he's been a little sore, but I think he's fine."

On how much time Nedney needs to work during the summer:

"I don't know that. I really don't know that. I don't think very much, but I think he has to work on his craft just like everybody else, but to what degree, I don't know."

On whether he envisions situations with Westbrook and RB Frank Gore in the backfield together:

"It's possible. It's definitely possible."

On WR Brandon Jones recovery process:

"We'll find out today. I think he's a day to day situation as of right now."

On whether TE Vernon Davis will practice:

"I don't think so, but I don't know that for sure."

On whether LB Brandon Long will practice:

"I don't think he is going to go."

On why Long might be sitting out:

"I thought it was the knee."

On his expectations for the season with the addition of Westbrook:

"We had high expectations going into the season before he got here, so I think that it's kind of what I said yesterday, he's a guy that certainly adds some excitement to what we're doing, he's another playmaker and it's just a matter of how he mixes in, but I'm sure Jimmy Raye will figure it out."