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Golden Nuggets: Slow day is a good day

Good morning everyone. News keeps rolling out of 49erland and I couldn't be happier. Football is not just back, it's like... well.. I don't have anything better than "back" and typed it before I thought about it. How about "really back" or something like that? I think that fits. Maybe. Anyway, I'm just sitting' here, enjoying some Cake and the like, and almost went to bed without preparing your Nuggets... whoops! The Giants game made me forget that sports exist for awhile. Just kind of a subconscious thing that happens when they decide that massive suckage is the new "in" thing that they should get on board with. Anyway, I've lost track, let's just get to the 49ers links and the like.

Kentwan Balmer won't say why the 49ers dealt him. I think it's because he knew he wasn't good enough to make it on this team. But to each his own. (

Frank Gore approves of the Brian Westbrook acquisition. I imagine we'll have a slightly upset Gore if Westbrook starts to take some carries, however. (

Here are some notes from the afternoon practice from yesterday. Glad to see LaBoy - and even Jones - back.

Michael Crabtree's fantasy value is something to question at the moment. It largely depends on the system the 49ers will be running. (

Singletary wants Ted Ginn on kickoffs, and not punts. I agree with the sentiments, I just hope it's not because they plan to throw to him every other play. (

Maiocco had a look at every offensive player and every defensive player from the game last Sunday. (

Finally, a quiet day for the 49ers. I like that there was no bad news but.. more and more good news never hurt, ya know. (

Brian Westbrook mostly watched on day one of practices. I think this is a good thing, how does he even learn a new system? He hasn't had to in what, eight years? (

He likes the 49ers power - and they like his finesse. Good fit, in my opinion. (

Taking a peek at Westbrook's contract. (

Here's the audio (allegedly, I haven't listened to it) with Joe Nedney on KNBR. (

20 Questions: CB Tarrell Brown (

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