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The 49ers are perceived as a winning team... feels good!

My number one concern throughout the process was going to a winning team, a football team that was coached by a man that I respect. A team that had a winning tradition and players that would be able to achieve that and I think I found all of those things here in San Francisco.

-Brian Westbrook

Awesome. Need I say anything other than that? I know I promised Fooch that I'd fill this morning post with something tangible with length to it, but is there anything else that needs to be said? It's not just because the 49ers are perceived to be better than the St. Louis Rams, who were reportedly close to getting a deal done, I'm certain there were other teams, one of which was the Redskins.

Chalk it up to the Rams being bad or the Redskins being too competitive, you won't take this from me. The 49ers are a team on the upswing, and no matter how many pundits and experts picked the 49ers as the "breakout" team the past couple years, the players still never seemed to want to play here. They weren't a winning organization, and Mike Singletary was levels of crazy that only a man who could drop his pants to illustrate his point could be. Jump.

They just didn't want to be here. But despite the fact that we just broke even last year, players consider us a winning organization. Now, I know it's an odd thing to rejoice about with two 49ers recently departing, but it's worth noting that I don't think they're even remotely related to how good or bad the 49ers may be to them, but more personal, selfish reasons. Note that I do not mean selfish in a bad way, that means you, little keyboard warrior; lower your weapon, I come in peace.

It seems the 49ers are a hot commodity right now. The bandwagon to hop on and ride amid much fanfare, promises of playoffs and copious amounts of liquor and greasy food. It really feels good, and yes - I will admit right now that this affected my ego personally. I feel as if the 49ers are an extension of myself, and when I read that quote, I found myself thinking "Oh well, it's nothing.. I mean, there's teams who win more than us I mean.. well.. thanks," and kind of flexed a little bit. Walked with a strut. Brought out some of that extra swag I've been saving for the right occasion.

There's a difference between player-speak and something totally believable. No, I'm not saying that I'm unbiased and saying it's totally believable that the 49ers are an up-and-coming winning organization (certainly not a proposition to throw out the window), but I'm saying it's totally believable that Brian Westbrook finds it to be totally believable. You get me?

No longer will I recommend that you watch 49ers games with Yakety Sax playing. This is a 49ers team that is, at the very least, expected to win games this season. A team poised to take the NFC West, and I'll take every single compliment that Westbrook can give. Celebration time? Or at least, a bit of a mini celebration?