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Golden Nuggets: We're down to two

Good morning folks! I wonder how many of you are picturing me with a horribly large grin on my face right now? It's no secret that I didn't like the Brandon Jones signing in the first place. It's no secret that I never thought he'd do anything here, but it's a little less known that I never like to see a 49er fail. Brandon Jones came, and tried, but it wasn't working for him. It sucks when one's body fails him or her, and it impedes them in doing what it is they love to do. The money, I'm sure, made it easier on him but I'm glad we can move on from it. I'm not looking forward to getting "Ziggy" into Madden and making him the league's leading receiver for ten or so years. But yeah, we've got some other links today, so I'll get to those.

Once again, we find wide receiver Josh Morgan on a list provided by national coverage for possibly breaking out in the coming season. We've seen him on these before. (

The 49ers released WR Brandon Jones, as stated above. He just couldn't get it done with all the injuries. (

In light of that, guess who looked good in the morning practice? None other than wide receiver Dominique Zeigler. Well I'm just tinkled pink. (

Here are Maiocco's notes from the morning of practice and also the afternoon. Please direct your attention to the offensive play of the afternoon session. No, go ahead and do it. That is what Zeigler brings to this team. (

The two-minute drill favored the defense. I'm not surprised, and I actually prefer it that way. (

Hahaha, this picture from Barber regarding the practice field made me laugh more than it should have. "Whoops!" (

Anthony Dixon, not Brian Westbrook, could be the 49ers primary backup. Not sure how I feel about that, I'll need to see more, myself. (

QB Nate Davis is going to get some "meaningful snaps" this preseason. Good to know. I want to see what he can do. (

The 49ers defense is ready to flash its fantasy muscle. Aw yeah. (

49ers assistants "all the rage" at 49ers camp. Hah. I get it. (

Joe Nedney probably doesn't have a ton left in him. I hate to say it because he's such an awesome guy, but I want the 49ers to seriously pursue a new kicker very soon here. Old injuries are flaring up. As usual. (

Reggie Smith made NFL Network's top ten plays. Pretty cool stuff. (

I'm getting sick of this injury bug. Seriously. No bueno. (

Road to the Roster: Mike Balogun. (

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