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49ers by the Number: 21-23

The list today includes two of the best defensive backs and one of the best safeties to ever play for the 49ers, as well as one of the best RBs to play for the 49ers. Lots of talent today.

Player Position College Spot Drafted Years Played Jersey Number
Randy Baldwin RB Mississippi 92nd 1995 21
Frank Gore RB Miami (Fla.) 65th 2005-- 21
Larry Jones WR NE MIssouri State 367th 1978 21
RW McQuarters CB Oklahoma State 28th 1998-99 21
Anthony Parker CB Weber STate 99th 1999-2002 21
Deion Sanders DB Florida State 5th 1994 21
Eric Wright CB Missouri 40th 1981-1990 21
Tony Blevins SW Kansas Undrafted 1998 22
Todd Bowles S Temple Undrafted 1991 22
Ray Brown RB South Carolina 259th 1987 22
Nate Clements CB Ohio State 21st 2007-- 22
Bob Hayes WR Florida A&M 88th 1975 22
Dwight Hicks S Michigan 150th 1979-1985 22
Terry Jackson RB Florida 157th 1999-2005 22
Amp Lee RB Florida State 45th 1992-1993 22
Eddie Lewis DB Kansas 57th 1976-1979 22
Gary Lewis FB Arizona State 71st 1964-1969 22
Tim McKyer CB Texas-Arlington 64th 1986-1989 22
BJ Tucker CB Wisconsin 178th 2005-2007 22
Vic Washington RB Wyoming 87th 1971-1973 22
Joel Williams Center Texas 198th 1948 22
Tony Cherry RB Oregon State 240th 1986-1987 23
Marcus Hudson S North Carolina State 192nd 2006-2009 23
Ray Norton HB San Jose State 46th 1960-1961 23
George Smith Center California Undrafted 1947 23
Wayne Swinford DB Georgia 114th 1965-1967 23
Bruce Threadgill S Mississippi State 133rd 1978 23
Spencer TIllman HB Oklahoma 133rd 1989-1991 23
Herb Williams CB Southern 139th 1980 23
Jimmy Williams CB Vanderbilt 196th 2001-2004 23
Gerry Conlee Center St. Mary's Undrafted 1946-1947 22


The Winners:

Representing the Number 21: Frank Gore. Sanders is one of the best to ever play the position but he only played one year in San Francisco, making this an easy choice for me.

Representing the Number 21: Dwight Hicks. This was a tough one. Eric Wright is deserving of mention as is Nate Clements, but Hicks had a better career than Wright (who was hampered by injuries). Hicks was also part of the 1984 secondary that would be voted en masse to the Pro Bowl, something that's never happened before, or since.

Representing the Number 22: Nate Clements. Dude is a stud and will prove his doubters wrong this season

Representing the Number 23: By unanimous consent I've changed it to Spencer Tillman


Edit: I've made a tie for number 21 because I can't in good conscience leave Dwight Hicks off this list. Nor can I leave Gore off.