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Golden Nuggets: Battles are fun.

Training camp is going and I am pumped. We actually have tangible news with which to analyze and get pumped on... or analyze and lament. Whether it's good news or bad news, I'm happy we finally have some, and more than a little thankful there's not any bad news thus far. The battles are in full swing and I'm greatly anticipating who will win them. Still, to me, the battle I'm most interested in is the fullback battle. I'm liking Brit Miller more and more each day, but I also don't think there is some real evidence that Norris is a bad blocker. Sure he didn't snag a couple of TDs in preseason, oh well. Like I said though, liking Miller. I also really, really want to know what's going on at wide receiver. By that I mean, I'm interested to know who is going home because I have high hopes for Zeigler. Anyway, let's get to your links, folks.

We'll begin with Phil Barber's notes and observations from yesterday's practice. Loving the competitive spirit in Vernon Davis, asking for Parys Haralson in the nutcracker drill. (

Aaand here's Maiocco's report from the first practice. I wet myself with excitement when I saw the bit about Zeigler snagging two great passes one after the other. I can talk about this guy pretty unbiased, and it's from my legitimate belief that he is a good receiver that I am crazy about him. In Ziggy I trust. (

Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati have to earn their starting positions. Forgive me for my forewardness, but I think they'll have it locked up, no? (

Lam has some good notes on the practice. I'm interested to see what goes on in the nutcracker. Also, Lam gets to be after the jump because he didn't talk about Dominique Zeigler. Didn't you learn anything!? (

S Taylor Mays is working his way up the depth chart. I'm not comfortable with him starting yet, but he should definitely be the backup. (

Hey check it out, Daniel Brown is back in the mix, with some notes from training camp (more of the same). (

More of the same, but here is some more notes on yesterday, these from Lynch. (

It is indeed time for Alex Smith to prove he's number one. I have this weird feeling in my.. my... something about Alex Smith this year. I think it might be.. confidence? I don't know. It's a foreign feeling. (

This is a... weird idea from Maiocco. In a perfect world, it would work. But it's just as easy for a team like, say, the Browns, to need a corner and not get any of top fifteen out of college because none of them want to play in Cleveland. He says they should abolish the NFL draft. I give him an A for effort but I think it's a dumb idea, personally. (

Here's the latest Singletary's Notebook. (

All eyes are on the 49ers indeed. (

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