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Caption This!

After the utter failure that was last week's Caption This!, I'm hoping to make a case for comeback blog feature of the week with this one. I mean, Glen Coffee can't retire again, can he?

So I was looking through the pictures that AP has available through SBN, and I was starting to get worried. A lot of them are just mildly funny. Every now and then, there was a picture of Singletary making a face. Somewhere in there, Alex Smith was signing autographs. There was a picture of Iupati squeezing his fat head into a 49ers helmet. Justin Smith sports a funny smirk in another. But nothing that I would characterize as pure comedy gold (okay, that Iupati one is pretty funny).

Then, I stumbled across Vernon Davis.

Have fun with this one, guys. You know the deal by now. Use the comments to write captions for this picture (they practically write themselves, don't they?) and rec' the ones you like.

Just, enjoy.