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Golden Nuggets: Internet sucks

Ninjames' Note: Sorry that this was late folks, but you can blame Charter Cable for this . Usually my internet troubles are my own, but this time I was at my sister's place, and wouldn't you know it - the internet cut out at 2:40, basically shortly after I got done chatting with Fooch. Apologies!

Good morning everybody. I don't mean to jump the gun here but I THINK tomorrow morning you'll have the first edition of the Niners Nation podcast to listen to. That's right, you get to listen to myself and Smileyman talk for basically the first time and dish about the 49ers (we're absolutely gal pals, I promise) for a period of time. That's tomorrow as in Saturday, so be sure to get on. I'll talk more about it in the Nuggets tomorrow. Until then, we've got some 49ers links and things of that nature. Enjoy

Here are Maiocco's notes from the morning of practice, and also from the afternoon session. (

Barber has some fine notes about Singletary from practice. I love this guy. Singletary, not Barber. Barber is OK though. I like him. I just don't, you know.. like him like him. (

Here's a good article on Diyral Briggs. Good stuff, I'm glad he's making strides. (

Sucks about Joe Nedney and his leg - I'm not too comfortable with him anymore. (

Here's some notes from the afternoon practice. (

Hey check it out - an article about Dominique Zeigler. What? Bias? Shutup. (

The starting center job - while Heitmann is out - is Baas' job to lose. I'm alright with that. (

Singletary paid special attention to - you guessed it, the linebacker drills. (

20 Questions: LB Parys Haralson (

[recently cut 49er] is visiting [another nfl team]. [don't care] (

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Today On Niners Nation(All times pacific and subject to change)

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1:00 p.m. Not sure what will be going up at this point