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49ers nicknames

A lot of times player nicknames happen because of some random circumstance, as opposed to any kind of carefully planned campaign. For example, I've stuck with the Bamm Bamm nickname for Patrick Willis ever since it was bestowed upon him by Chad Ochocinco, back when he was still Chad Johnson. I know not everybody likes that nickname, but I'm a fan.

Over at Barrows' blog, he has embarked on a quest to come up with a nickname for the current 49ers backfield. Last year's quest resulted in Frank and Beans among others for the Gore-Coffee backfield. Definitely a quality name.

Given that not everybody here comments over at Barrows' blog, I thought I'd open up a thread to get some ideas on 49ers nicknames that go beyond just Frank Gore and Brian Westbrook. As Tre9er mentioned earlier today, it makes sense for the running back trio of Gore, Westbrook, AND Anthony Dixon ought to be factored in. Dixon may not make a huge impact this year, but that shouldn't stop us from getting him a nickname of some sort.

Beyond that, feel free to throw out nicknames for other players as well. They could be nicknames you currently use, or ideas you have. I realize this isn't the hard analysis or commentary some of you look for here, but given that it's Friday, I thought it'd be fun while I work on the next post.