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Golden Nuggets: Favre, Favre... Favre? Haha, Favre! Faaaavre!

Good morning folks, Ninjames here with your Nuggets. Slightly change to your regularly scheduled programming, the podcast will not be today, but we're looking to have one in the morning before the game. You know, talk a little bit about it and the like, so be around for that. We're a day away from gameday, and my soul is basically aching for Candlestick right now. I'll be at the game, as I'll be at all of the home games, so I can't wait. To make matters worse, I'm watching BBQ Pitmasters, which is a deceptively good show, and it's making me want to get out there and tailgate asap. Last year was the first year I actually had season tickets, and I was a rookie. This year, I'll be going all out with my cooking and I may or may not invite some of you along, if you happen to be going. Anyway, enjoy the links.

Mike Singletary is looking forward to seeing LB NaVorro Bowman in action. I am too, I've gushed over this pick for awhile now, I can't wait to see just how NFL ready he may or may not be. (

Maiocco has notes on the practices from yesterday. I love how fool-proof it is; all numbered and what not. (

So it Favre appears Favre will Favre be playing Favre on Favre Favre Sunday against Favre the 49ers Favre. (Favre)

I'm noticeably less excited about the Travis LaBoy signing at this point. I was pretty happy with it at the time but I wonder if he'll ever be up to full health again. He's still trying to catch on. (

The 49ers are on some Yahoo fantasy rankings that I've yet to read because I never read fantasy articles. Literally never. (

Our own Tre9er gets a small shoutout in this Sando article about the expectations for the 49ers roster. (

Another insecure Cardinals player has voiced his distaste for the 49ers. Hey Beanie - I've got some dirt on my shoulder... could you brush it off for me? (

Here is Maiocco's latest chat transcript, something else i generally don't read, for one reason or another. (

I'm not a fan of naming backfields like this. I mean, Frank and Beans was pretty darn fun, I'll give you that much, but I vastly prefer individual nicknames over anything else. (

Got a dirty job? Zeigler's your man. If he's not available, I hear Mike Rowe is pretty into doing literally everything there is to do these days - which is awesome - but yeah, sweet article on Ziggy. (

CB Nate Clements is struggling to regain lockdown form. I'm actually not entirely sure he ever had the lockdown form, but he has definitely slipped in recent seasons and it would be nice for Nate to return to the form that made him one of the better cornerbacks in the league, at the very least. (

Sando takes a quick look at the NFC West's weekend games. (

Reggie Smith is a more confident player, and that makes me happy. I like to see him do good. My brother has always been pretty stoked about Smith, but I never saw it that much. I kind of figured he would be done, but he's come on strong lately. Good stuff. (

I would love it if Nate Davis could get some playing time against the Vikings starters. I really do flip-flop as far as Davis goes. On one end he has so much potential, such a great arm and fantastic instincts. But then when you look at it, he's just so raw. (

Glen Coffee's retirement, while being ill-times and way unexpected, is still an inspiring story. (

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1:00 p.m. Not sure what goes up after the morning, but there will be plenty!

Random Note: I have no idea how to elongate the name "Favre" to accentuate the "arrrr" sound, considering he spells it like a jerk.