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Niners Nation Podcast: The Beginning!


Why hello there, Niners Nation. For about two years now, I've forced you to read my words. I'm not sure how long smileyman has been here, but he as well has done some forcing of his own. Now you get to hear us. This is our first attempt at a Niners Nation podcast. It's something that we're hoping to do about twice a week, with occasional live episodes with reader participation and the like. It's the NN Podcast with J & J, that's: John and James. Some quick notes..

Future iterations will be recorded with much better quality, this first one we actually had issues where he didn't record correctly and then my program crashed, so we had to go re-record a couple things and cut and paste them into it. The sound quality isn't that great, I'm quiet most of the way through and you can hear smileyman breathing, but this is the first of what we hope to be many, many iterations. Next time we're actually recording in such a way as to block all feedback except for a bit of air noise. So stay tuned. Make the jump for more

Covered in today's podcast...

-A look at players who impressed us against the Colts
-A look at the large number of linebackers currently on the roster and the position battles concerning them
-A look ahead at the storylines for the Vikings game tonight

That being said, do take into account the issues above and that this is our first - but we are looking for as much feedback as possible, here! Next week we're looking to have Tre9er on, and in future iterations, be them live or recorded, we want to work heavily on user-questions and suggestions, with people calling in and emailing us opinions and the like. We want this to be something that you have to listen to every week. So please provide any suggestions and things of that nature. Do you like the length? Should the file be broken up into segments? Are you interested in being on? Are you awesome and want to provide some theme music? Let us know!

If the embedded player doesn't work, you can find the direct link here. And if neither of those work, I've got one more link for you here. If none of them work, you probably suck. :]