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Golden Nuggets: Let's do this!

Good morning everyone. It's gameday, and right now I'm just very pumped. It's the first game at Candlestick in what seems like it must be a year or two or six. I'll be going to the game and enjoying some delicious BBQ. I can't wait for that. So I won't be here for the gamethread today but I still expect each and every one of you here for it. The only excuse, literally, is to be at the game. Don't tell me work. Don't tell me any other obligation. 49ers. That is all you need. Today at 10:00 a.m., make sure you're around for the first Niners Nation podcast. It was fun to make, even if the quality is kind of bad the first time around. I think you folks will enjoy it. Bear with us while we figure things out, though. Anyway, I'm sure we have plenty of links for you today. Enjoy.

Here's three keys for the 49ers for tonight's game. (

Also, here's five 49ers that are currently on the bubble that need to play well tonight. (

Why not a quick preview from the Chronicle? I don't like there often enough. (

So the 49ers are playing against Brett Favre again. Yeah.. I just want to see him get hit. That's about it. (

Points of the game: Vikings. I always enjoy these and I'm glad they're back. (

Roles and roster spots are on the line tonight. I'm interested in so much tonight, from the receivers to the linebackers to the fullbacks. (

There are no morale issues with the 49ers. Good to know. I mean, we already knew this, but there's nothing more annoying than someone else commenting about two players leaving at near the same time and talking about how awful Singletary is or something along those lines. (

The Nate Davis conundrum. I really hope to see a lot of him tonight. (

Khalif Mitchell has a shot to make the 49ers roster. I've been thinking about this lately. I think he'll be good, honestly. He's definitely made strides. (

The 49ers are focused on the regular season right now. Brett Favre will not be a distraction. (

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Today On Niners Nation(All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 a.m. 49ers-Vikings: Which bubble player makes the biggest impact tonight? (Fooch)

10:00 a.m. Niners Nation Podcast: The Premier! (Ninjames & Smileyman)

1:00 p.m. I'm not sure what else is going down, but be here for the game thread, the recap, and things of that nature.