It's 12pm Pacific, and I'm already drinking beer...

Well, I lied. I've been drinking beer since 8am this morning. Call this an early tailgate, even though I'm in So-Cal. I'm already thinking food on the grill, and may try some different recipes before tonight's game. I dare not call this an Official Tailgate thread for the front page, for I will be very drunk by the time the game starts. This is why I love Sunday football. I get to hang out with my buddies here on Niners Nation, drink lot's of beer without having to drive anywhere, and watch my team in HD, despite it being a pre-season game. The simple things in life are free. Except beer, which I already have stocked, and may need more before the game.

Cheers to another 49er season to come. I've finally got past the Lakers winning another Championship, got past Paddy Harrington missing consecutive cuts in Majors, got past J-Lo being fired from American Idol before she was hired, and ready to dig into some pork chops and eggs. To hell with it. Make this Official. I'll be the dude who carries the flag to lead the charge. It's about the TEAM, as Mike Singletary says. Niners Nation is the Official Fan Team of the 49ers. Why?

Because we have the best beer.

Fooch's Note: Consider this our official tail-gate thread leading us into tonight's game. Our game thread will be up at 4pm.

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