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49ers 7 - Vikings 3: Open Thread #2

49ers_logo_medium vs Th_vikings_icon_medium

While one can only get so excited in the preseason, that first offensive drive was certainly a thing of beauty and probably the best possible start for the 49ers and Alex Smith. Smith was 5 of 6 for 59 yards and more importantly, was 3 for 3 for 29 yards on third downs, converting all three. It's only one drive, but given the portions of the defense involved and the doubts many folks had, it was certainly a nice start to the game.

The defense had a strong first drive as well, shutting down Adrian Peterson and netting a big sack to force a punt. The Vikings looked better on their second drive under Tavaris Jackson, although the 49ers defense stiffened up and held the Vikings to a field goal. It's still early, but not a bad start to the game.