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Golden Nuggets: That was a good one

Well that was fun. I'm writing this shortly after I've arrived home from the game. That was a fun day. I couldn't wait to get back to the 'Stick and do some tailgating. I can barely speak right now, hopefully my (apparently creepy) voice will be fine for another podcast soon. My voice basically broke on the third chant of "DE-FENCE!" because I yell with the loudest of 'em. The "Vikings Suck" and the multiple times I shouted at the injustice of Brett Favre being able to bring his walker out onto the field with him. Beyond that - oh hey, we won, didn't we? A lot of the players I wanted to play well... did play well. Can I say Dominique Zeigler without sounding like too much of a fanboy? ..No, I probably can't. But I don't care. AWW YEEEAH ZEIGLER!

Well, much has and will be said about Singletary's comments concerning Nate Davis. I do think this article went to some pretty lengthy extremes and appears to be missing the "big picture." Still, it's a good breakdown. (

Alex Smith played well in the win over the Vikings. Imagine that: Smith playing well in the preseason. Craziness. (

The 49ers run game hit some skids yesterday. I was not happy with the play-calling for the run game, to say the least. (

Smith needed this game. He needed to play as well as he did. For a number of reasons, the least of which is not his confidence. (

Here's some more on the whole Nate Davis-and-Mike-Singletary scenario. I'm not taking much from it, to be honest. (

Why not take a look at the game recap from the NFL's website? Actually, don't read it. They manage to extrapolate Favre's four plays into an entire article. They talk about Favre, then about Smith, then about Favre again, then about other Vikings, then more on Favre. It's ridiculous. The guy played four plays. (

Patrick Willis hitting him, though, was pretty darn awesome. (

Well, the team needs to be able to run the ball. That's no secret. I just don't want them to have to run it on every single first down throughout the season to be considered "running the ball." (

Maiocco has the first-team offense and the first-team defense from the game yesterday. (

The Seattle Seahawks signed WR Brandon Jones. Hilarity ensues. (

The offense actually looked like it had some fire to it. Like they wanted to win. For once. (

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