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Xfinity RedZone channel: One more reason to never leave your house on Sunday

Over the recent past, the NFL has improved the amount of options available to view their games. Heading into last season, reports were surfacing about the "RedZone channel" on Xfinity. Details were a bit sketchy and from speaking with Xfinity reps, even they didn't completely know what to expect with the release of the channel.

What we got might join my DVR and my cell phone as two product developments I really couldn't do without. Now, this is a sponsored post, so certainly feel free to take my comments with a grain of salt. However, I'm fairly certain most people would agree that the RedZone channel has taken the Sunday football experience to a whole new level. The channel provides highlights in some form or fashion of every touchdown scored each week in the NFL. They'll bounce around between games as teams enter the red zone. When a team is in the redzone but a timeout is called or there's a commercial break, the channel switches to another game that's in the red zone. And if no game has moved into the red zone, they pick a random game to go to live. What else do you need???

Aside from this being a sponsored post, the RedZone channel does in fact seem like something everybody should know about. Some folks have DirecTV and get the Sunday Ticket, or they spend their Sundays at their local bar. For those that can't get DirecTV, or simply don't want to shell out for the Sunday Ticket, the RedZone channel is available through the Sports Entertainment package. This upgrade package costs $6.95 per month in the Bay Area, and ranges between $5 and $8 per month elsewhere in the country.

My recommendation, if you're thinking of getting it, is to add the upgrade when we get into September so you can get the RedZone channel every week this season. It's channel 427 on standard cable, and it's not available in HD on channel 785. At this point, aside from the 49ers games, I don't watch the networks much anymore for Sunday morning and afternoon football. Just let the RedZone channel bounce you around from game to game to game all day long. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it before.