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49ers 15 - Vikings 10: Watching Patrick Willis Sack Brett Favre over and over

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Up until today I had avoided talking about Vikings QB Brett Favre. However, after seeing Patrick Willis sack Favre in the first quarter of yesterday's game, I could not be happier. While I despise Brett Favre's actions and what he stands for, I certainly wouldn't wish major injury on the man. At the same time, I certainly can enjoy watching Bamm Bamm flatten the "distinguished visitor" (Horrible line from Al Michaels, who is normally a guy I enjoy).

The play itself was interesting to watch again this morning. The Packers Vikings went with a 3 wide receiver shotgun formation, while the 49ers sent a couple guys in on the blitz. The two outside linebackers dropped into coverage, but we got to see Willis and Spikes come busting up the middle. What I especially like is that Ricky Jean Francois and the rest of the defensive line did spectacular work on that play clearing lines for the blitzing linebackers. That's exactly what you expect from 3-4 defensive linemen, and they've done nothing to disappoint. If the 49ers decide to let Aubrayo Franklin walk in the offseason, RJF certainly is showing he could become a force to reckon with at the nose tackle position.

I've now watched that play five or six times this morning. Obviously part of it was to do some analysis, but a big part was to enjoy Favre getting flattened. Also, if you click on the photo, there's a second version that shows Favre flat on his back with WIllis and Spikes over him.