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Golden Nuggets: Smooth sailing

That's what we needed - a nice, slow day for once. Not a whole lot going on, no snap judgments, no random cuts and things of that nature. Of note today is ... well, just bits from the game and things of that nature. In-depth recaps and the like. I guess it's worth noting that the Seahawks didn't sign any previous 49ers players or staff yesterday, which I suppose is news. No Cardinals players claimed to hate the Niners yesterday, either. The Rams ... well, they're the Rams. I do have plenty of links for your perusal, and will link them. If you missed the first edition of the NN Podcast, it's right here, and look for a new one this week, with improved quality. Anyway, enjoy the linkage for today, everyone, and cross your fingers for me in hopes that y phone gets here today. Enjoooy, ya'll.

Maiocco has a good run-down of the offense, and on the other side of that, a good run-down of the defense. (

Travis LaBoy was among Barrows' ten most impressive 49ers in Sunday's game against the Vikings. Loving some more Diyral Briggs love. (

Sam Lam has a good article on Nate Davis, the comments from Singletary, his work ethic and growth as a quarterback. A good, realistic point of view. (

Brett Favre can thank Patrick Willis for the flashback. I have to say, there is no inside linebacker tandem I'd be more terrified to have coming at me than Willis and Takeo Spikes. That's the stuff nightmares are made of. (

Neither Ted Ginn nor Dominique Zeigler had any returns in the game on Sunday. This puzzles Phil, but I understood it pretty well, myself. Ginn doesn't need the reps, and I think the team is really banking on Kyle Williams - which I don't think is much of a gamble. (

I'm ususally a big fan of the Shutdown Corner blog, but I think this article was going for something.. ironic.. or.. well, I'm not entirely sure. But the explanation makes it seem like it would be an entertaining look at the 49ers getting their hopes up high for years now, but then it really.. um... isn't. (

Coach Singletary is disappointed that the 49ers couldn't get much of a run game going against the Vikings. I'm not reading too much into it, myself. (

Travis LaBoy and Diyral Briggs are in a fierce linebacker competition. Well, that's according to Barber. I personally don't think they're battling. There is a spot for both of them, in my mind. To me, LaBoy is battling with Bruce Davis and Brandon Long. Briggs is a lock in my mind. (

20 Questions: WR Ted Ginn Jr. (

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