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Golden Nuggets: Can't wait, personally

Morning folks, a much more energized and technically efficient Ninjames checking in for the Nuggets. Why am I those things? Because I finally, after four+ months of using a phone with a broken screen and several actual holes in it - I have a new phone. I'm all giddy and stupid with excitement right now but I'll stop talking about me and start talking about the 49ers. They're pretty awesome, if you didn't know. As far as news goes, well - we have the general gameweek stuff. We play the Raiders this weekend and I honestly can't wait. It's always fun to play the Raiders, I actually liked the fact that the two teams would practice in the offseason, sad that we couldn't this season. But ya know. Anyway, no more rambling - let's get to it. Enjoy.

David Baas struggled with the shotgun snap early on in training camp, but you have to pleased with his progress thus far. I know I am - then again, I've always been a mild supporter of him. (

Frank Gore is itching for action during the preseason. I hope we play him a little while against the Raiders, and I'll have more on that later. (

Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati are quickly gaining respect, which you have to be stoked about. I know I am. I think we all know that it wasn't really much of a battle, but I think there play thus far is pretty indicative of how I figured it would be, say, ten minutes after we finished with the Iupati pick. (

Sam Lam has some good notes on the practice yesterday. Glad to see Westbrook getting some more first-team looks. (

Ted Ginn wants to catch some kicks in the last two preseason games, and I hope he gets them. I want to see him, and I want to see Zeigler field some more punts. (

WR Michael Crabtree returned to full practice, which is a good sign. I want to see him limited in the game if he does play, though. (

Does that mean VVernon Davis is next to come back?? I hope so. (

Here is Maiocco's report from training camp yesterday. (

Three players with changing fortunes? I think, once again, something (hint hint Nate Davis hint hint) is a little overblown. It's not like something changed Sunday, I'm sure he knew what was on Singletary's mind. It's not exactly changing so much as it is reaching a point where something needs to happen. (

Well if you missed out on the Nate Davis fiasco, there's a post about it here, but I'm honestly not reading any more into it for the time being. It is my opinion that all parties know what needs to be done and if they're willing, it will be done. I can only spend so much time thinking about a third string quarterback. Note the usage of "third string," that's what it's going to remain for the time being. (

And why not: a closer look at Nate Davis and his performance against the Vikings. (

There are no training wheels for Singletary's rookie class. That's how it should be, honestly. (

The rookies shined on the opening drive against the Vikings. You know who else did? Dominique Zeigler. Jus' sayin'. (

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