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Golden Nuggets: Snarky

Good morning everyone, Ninjames here. I'm in a slight hurry so I'm going to keep my introduction as well as my commentary brief. No snarky comments from any of you about how it must be soooo great that you won't be hearing much from me or I will.. well... I mean, I probably won't ban you, but I will write nasty things about you in the Nuggets tomorrow, and if we know anything, it's that e-cred is more important than anything else on the planet, including snarky comments. Anyway, I think I used the word "snarky" enough to attract London Niner into the thread.. not sure why I wanted to, but I think I did a pretty good job of stalling and wrapping this here text around the picture on the right, no? Enjoy the 49ers links, folks!

David Baas' injury complicates the center position. If Wragge plays well, is he then back in the battle with Baas? I'm going to say no, mostly because I really, really think Wragge is a bad player. (

Here is Maiocco's recap of the morning practice session and also a recap of the afternoon session. (

I was one of the few who had a good feeling about the Phillip Adams pick. I won't lie and say I knew who he was when we took him, but after doing a bit of investigating I was complacent. Now I hope he makes the roster. (

Eric Heitmann is eager to come back. I'm glad, considering it was through only his hard work and determination that he came back so strongly from his last injury. (

Here's more on the injuries that are going on as well as notes from yesterday. (

Mays' rookie diary: preseason (

The defense beat the offensive in the "ownership drill." Course, the offense won one, too. (

The 49ers are comfortable with David Carr as the second quarterback. Funny, I'm not - at all. (

Here's some rankings or other such between the Raiders and the 49ers defenders. (

Alex Smith gets drilled. (

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