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Caption This!

Your Caption Here!
Your Caption Here!

Welcome back for another week of Caption This! I feel like last week's installment was the post-Glen-Coffee pick-me-up I needed, and I have all of you (well, those who contributed captions) to thank for that!

Last week, one of the problems that I had was finding an image that was funny enough to stand on its own, but versatile enough to call for a wide range of mockery. This week, there was no such trouble! Earlier in the week, David Fucillo (Fooch) even made a front-page caption-contest suggestion when he saw a picture of Alex Smith sharing a rather hearty laugh with what can only be described as a particularly effulgent Jimmy Raye.

It was a good suggestion, and one that I was fully prepared to take to heart until I saw the picture I decided to use.

So, sorry David Fucillo (Fooch) - maybe next week. That is, assuming the Raiders don't supply us with a season's worth of photographic comedy gold this Saturday. Er... you know... that does sound like a distinct possibility. So maybe the Smith/Raye Caption This! just isn't going to happen.

Anyway, enjoy this one. As always, use the comments section to supply your captions for the photo above, and feel free to rec' any that happen to make you lol irl. Srsly.