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Golden Nuggets: Battle of the Bay indeed

Good morning everyone. It's gameday, and I'm pumped. We're getting set to kick the crap out of the Raiders for Bay Area (preseason) supremacy and I can't wait. One thing I wanted to note is that the game is tape delayed in certain areas. The game thread will be up at the start of the game as usual, and I hope most of you are around and able to watch it. I'm sure there will be other means to watch it once you get into the thread, who knows? Either way, be here, etc. I'm actually conflicted, I've got 49ers, UFC and Giants today so I'm going to be flipping the channels like mad. I've got some links for you today, the general gameday stuff you should expect by now among other things. Enjoy 'em.

I hope Gore is able to get his fifth straight 1000 yard season this year. Actually, I'm pretty darn confident he will. I don't see very many scenarios where he doesn't get to 1000, personally. (

This game is a battle for jobs. Well, technically they all are, but yeah. (

Sam Lam takes a look at some of the position battles going on today. I notice on the defensive line, he lists Walker and Mitchell as competing for the seventh position. My question is: is that sixth Demetric Evans or Will Tukuafu? I imagine it's Evans, much to my chagrin. (

I'm glad we'll get to see some Crabtree in today's game, I just hope we don't see too much of him. I want him to be fresh and not aggravate his injury. (

Not all the questions the team hoped to answer in training camp were, in fact, answered. (

Ricky Jean Francois was unbreakable this offseason. That makes me happy - I felt good about him last year, and I knew he'd pay off. Somehow. (

Smith finds his voice - and not only that, a little bit of poise as well. Good stuff. (

Apparently it's all about second-year receivers today. Forgive me if I forgot that other fella's name. (

A look back at Camp Singletary. (

Points Of The Game: Raiders (

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49ers 2010 NFL Season: No more potential, only production? (Ninjames)

Today On Niners Nation(All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 a.m. Projecting the San Francisco 49ers 53-man roster #2 (Fooch)

Beyond that, we have your gameday stuff. I might have something in the morning, if possible.

Other Stuff... Look for another podcast Sunday or Monday, kind of lost touch with Smileyman a bit but we're excited to get that going on a regular schedule. Also, apologies that these Nuggets felt kind of rushed, I started to feel sick, it's 2:40 a.m... I'm going to sleep.