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49ers 10 - Raiders 7: Open Thread #2

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So, would we say Phillip Adams guaranteed his roster spot just a moment ago? He was looking very solid as a cornerback, but he just ran back a punt for a touchdown, and considering how awful the punt returners were last year, that's a big addition to his limited NFL resume. It's only one punt return, but it certainly sticks out.

Other than that, thus far it hasn't been all that pretty. The Raiders were up 7-3 thanks to a very nice 81 yard TD drive to open the game. The 49ers defense wasn't stopping anybody that drive and seemed to almost be playing with too much of a cushion at times. However, the defense has stiffened up since then and have held back the Raiders. The most notable performance thus far has been Patrick Willis dominating the Raiders running backs on a couple runs. Nice to see him anticipating and attacking.

The 49ers offense has been a bit all over the place. Alex Smith hasn't looked particularly great, but he's also had his receivers drop some balls they have to have (I'm talking to you, Nate Byham). The offensive highlight for the 49ers was some great rushing by Frank Gore in his limited appearances. He's like a bowling ball with legs.