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Golden Nuggets: Battle of the Bay winners

Good morning folks. How's it feel to have the temporary Battle of the Bay crown? Pretty good, honestly. I love beating the Raiders - I don't have anything against them anymore, but there's nothing better than winning like that. Of course, the real battle will come when the two teams play in the regular season, and again, so long as we have, say, Travis LaBoy, I don't think Jason Campbell and the Raiders will give us any troubles. That being said - we had Aubrayo coming back, one thing that worries me.. Westbrook was a little bit banged up. Come on dude, he was only in for, what, three plays? Four plays tops? That's not a good sign, but I hope it's just something we won't see very often. Enjoy the links.

Aubrayo Franklin signed his tender and I fully expect him to play on Thursday against the Chargers. Glad to have him back. (

Here's a good recap with some notes from the game. (

Joe Staley and Brian Westbrook picked up minor injuries in the game. Oh joy, we needed more of those. (

It's not filled with information you haven't read yet, but here's some quick notes from me after the game. (SB Nation Bay Area)

David Carr is officially the backup quarterback. I hate that. No, I'm not on the Nate Davis bandwagon, but Carr is terrible. He hasn't looked good, he probably won't look good... but he's probably the best option, which sucks. (

Some postgame notes from the Chronicle. (

Why not some more postgame stuff? It's the bulk of what you should be expecting today anyway, no? (

That drive in the second quarter had an awful lot of mistakes - but it showed how far this offense has come when they capped it off with a touchdown. The 49ers of yesteryear wouldn't have recovered. (

The Phillip Adams punt return was pretty darn good stuff. I was just talking with Tre9er recently about how I didn't want him back there returning punts. Apparently, don't listen to Ninjames when it comes to returners. (

Sando has five quick impressions for the game yesterday. (

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